Warm up the kitchen (and your belly!)

The U.S. is pretty much in a cold snap across the map. We heard on the radio this morning that Alaska is actually warmer than most of the states!

Therefore, we thought the timing was perfect to share what we think is the perfect remedy for winter’s bite:

old fashioned cocoa

“what is it?” wednesday #143

Welcome back to play our “What is it?” Wednesday game.

Ready to play? Here’s how:

• Take a look at the photo below.

• Please leave your guess (of the identity of the vintage item) as a comment.

• Stop back in on Friday to see the puzzle revealed (we promise)—and to read the guesses (we don’t post them until the answer is revealed)!

Happy guessing!

143 what is it

We apologize for the glitch for the ‘answer’ post for last Wednesday’s game. We believed the answer was timed to be posted to the blog last Friday. Like Mom used to say, “If you want something done right, do it yourself!” Once again Mom was right…

Well, anyway, there was no tricking YOU last week! Most guesses did inform us, that our piece was from a vintage flour sifter. This one is in such good shape that it is still usable, but would look equally charming as a display piece… how about a planter on the kitchen windowsill?

Click on over to the original post to read the many answers to last week’s puzzle (if you haven’t already!).

Thanks for playing, everyone!

142 flour sifter out 142 flour sifter inside