“what is it?” Wednesday #146

Welcome back to play our “What is it?” Wednesday game.

Ready to play? Here’s how:

• Take a look at the photo below.

• Please leave your guess (of the identity of the vintage item) as a comment.

• Stop back in on Friday to see the puzzle revealed—and to read the guesses (we don’t post them until the answer is revealed)!

Happy guessing!

146A What is it


68 thoughts on ““what is it?” Wednesday #146

  1. It’s a paper cutter – we used to call it the guillotine. The loop at the top is the handle by which you lifted the blade. You line the paper up and bring the bar with its blade down to cut the paper. Every school copy room and art room had one.
    Oh – and you never put your finger anywhere near the blade unless you didn’t need it any more!!

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