bake a batch of hermits–and a sing-a-long!

We always seem to find an hour or so each weekend to bake something special. For this weekend, we searched through some of the C&D published recipes and came up with this recipe for hermits!

The recipe was submitted by Lyn Slade for ‘our Country Kitchen’ feature, and when we whipped up a batch for the magazine photo, we were good enough to share with our coworkers. (We aren’t promising any sharing this time around… Yes, we do get possessive of our baked goods. Sorry.)

hermit recipe

Click on the image to print out the recipe.

Ok, and now for our ‘hooray it’s the weekend’ sillies to come out:

Did somebody say Hermits? (Herman’s Hermits, that is.) If you are old enough to remember this reference, feel free to continue.

“Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter…”

If Mrs. Brown’s daughter could have baked a batch of these hermits for Herman’s Hermits, now THAT would’ve been funny.

Everybody sing!: “I am Henry the VIII, I am, Henry the VIII, I am, I am…”  The album below was given to us by a lovely gentleman that operated a nearby antique shop when he caught us singing the songs listed on it’s cover. We think he just got a kick out of us remembering the lyrics. Or, he felt sorry for us and wanted us to leave…

Happy weekend everyone!

herman's hermits album cover