“what is it?” 150 – the answer (again!)

Yes, our faces are red… we absolutely made the mistake of posting the puzzle and the answer one right after the other. We caught the mistake immediately, but alas… you know the rest.

For those who have NOT signed up for email notifications—you could have had the answer and cheated! Easiest test EVER!


Sorry, again. We feel terrible that we ruined your week. As one of our readers quickly responded:

Picture 16

(Clearly, we weren’t thinking!)

FOR those of your who HONESTLY didn’t see the answer, this week’s puzzle was a vintage glove button hook!

So silver and fancy that it looks like silverware… Who wouldn’t feel special using one to button their leather gloves, and a matching hook to button their shoes. Such style our ancestors had!

Click here to see the original post and read the “guesses”… Haha. (If we don’t laugh we’ll cry!) Many guesses are legit though, so congrats to those who truly guessed correctly, and thank you to those who gave us a good-old dose of sarcasm in their guess. 🙂 We love our readers.

150 what is it glove hook


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