Don’t put all your eggs in one basket—hang them up instead!

Sharing again for you to create a basket full for Easter!

Create & Decorate—the blog

Our friend, coworker, and creator of many things stitched (who answers to the name of Vickie, and is the Assistant Editor of Knit N’ Style magazine), always has a fun display in the window of her workspace. Vickie is happy to share her cute egg garland design with the Create & Decorate blog readers! Leave a comment, if you like, for us to share with Vickie.

The most important part of this instruction? Create the eggs in yarn colors that will make you smile.

Spring Eggs and Cable Cord Garland

Designed by Vickie Zelizo

Cable Cord Garland

Size 7 dpn

Cable needle (cn)

After working each row, do not turn; slip the stitches to the right end of the needle.

CO 5 sts

Rows 1-4: Knit

Row 5: K1, slip next st to cn, hold in front, K2, K1 from cn, K1

Spring Egg Pattern


Lily Sugar ’n Cream…

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