monthly cross stitch series – April


April is a promise that May is bound to keep.  ~Hal Borland


Today we bring you the fourth design in our monthly cross stitch blog series, designed by Terry Loewen. This cross stitch blog series offers you an embroidered design of the same size to change every month just as you change your calendar picture!


April showers



April blog block project

old green paper sheet with tape isolated on white

block of the month-April

designed by Terry Loewen



For product information, see sources below.

• Wichelt 28-ct linen in No. 76153 Country Blue

• DMC embroidery floss in No. 208, No. 210, No. 221, No. 320, and No. 469

• Mill Hill Beads Glass Treasures in No 12119 and No. 12227

• Embroidery needle and hoop, iron and ironing surface, scissors



Note: Grid size is 100W x 75H. Design area is 4.57” x 4.50” (64 stitches x 63 stitches).

1. Following chart, back stitch using two strands of floss and cross stitch using one.

2. Use an Algerian Eye stitch (star stitch) for flowers in top banner.

3. Use a daisy stitch for leaves in banner above “April.”

4. For bunny, use No. 12119 Glass Treasures, and for peeps, use No. 12227.

5. Outline egg with a split stitch.

6. Hand wash gently in cool water and press face down to dry.

7. Sew bunny as indicated by stitch mark.

8. Adhere peeps as indicated by stitch marks

9. Frame as desired.


The DMC Corporation

(973) 589-0606

Wichelt Imports, Inc./Mill Hill Beads





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