We dub today… Mason Jar Monday!


We are always looking for little reasons to celebrate, and more often than not, our celebrations are nonsensical. You know, little things to create a smile. Returning to work after a lovely long weekend spent with friends and family was a tiny bit painful, so we have dubbed today… Mason Jar Monday. This ridiculously silly celebration means that everything we drink today is from our Mason Jars – with a straw, (of course!). Our good friend, Kara, doubly-treated us with mini carrot cakes for our celebration. Life is grand. 🙂

Please join us in our new-found Monday celebration, and raise your jar with a smile! Send us a pic (cell phones pics are fine) to editors@createanddecorate.com, and we will post your pic alongside ours! (If you prefer to use your jar for storage, you may send us that pic as well.)

Happy (Mason Jar) Monday!  

mason jar monday

And now, some sharing from friends: 🙂

Keep them coming, and we will continue to share!

carrie carpenter




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