spring bunny ‘fauxpiary’

Instead of clipping a shrub or a tree into an ornamental shape,

Rebekah Meier (for The Dow Chemical Company) has created

this faux topiary with with vintage-style!  

(Instruction and pattern below.)

bunny silhouette in pot

springtime bunny silhouette

designed by Rebekah Meier



For sources, see below.

The Dow Chemical Company STYROFOAM Brand Foam in one 36” x 12” x 1” sheet and one 4”  ball

 Martha Stewart Crafts Coarse Glitter Crystal

 Prima Marketing paper flowers, about 16 – 20 (various sizes and shapes)

 4” clay pot

 3/4” craft stick, 1/2” yd. 1/2”-wide lace, 1 yd. checked ribbon, acrylic paint (cream), craft knife and mat, dental floss, foam paintbrush, paper shreds, pencil, scissors, Tim Holtz Idea-ology tissue tape and sketchbook, tray for glitter, white craft glue



1. Using pencil, trace bunny pattern onto STYROFOAM sheet. Carefully cut on traced line with craft knife. Smooth rough edges of shape with hands.

2. Insert craft stick into middle, bottom of bunny.

3. Paint entire bunny and stick with one coat of cream then immediately apply glitter onto wet paint. Shake off excess into tray, then let dry completely.

4. Paint clay pot with one coat of cream and let dry. Insert rounded portion of ball into clay pot. Push top of ball so it is flush with top of pot.

5. Apply tissue tape, beginning under top edge of pot. Wind tape around pot until completely covered.

6. Using pencil, draw a line around ball. Place dental floss around pencil line and pull, cutting through ball.

7. Adhere lace to top of pot.

8. Create a bow from checked ribbon and adhere to top of pot.

9. Insert craft stick into center of clay pot, then adhere small amounts of paper shred around craft stick. Apply flowers over shreds, overlapping and adhering to secure.

10. Tie bow around neck.



The Dow Chemical Company


Martha Stewart Crafts


Prima Marketing, Inc.

(909) 627-5532


Tim Holtz



This project submitted courtesy of The Dow Chemical Company.

Glitter Bunny Pattern


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