“What is it?” #161 – the answer

Welcome back for our big reveal!

Many of you did know that our puzzle piece this week was from a vintage (and well-loved, and left in the rain) croquet set! What a cool basket and cart this one has.

One of our blog friends, Suzanne, shared this wonderful nostalgic story for us all:

“We had the funniest game once.  My mother-in-law’s set had gotten damp and as we played, the mallets and balls started to fly apart.  After the first couple of times, we decided that it was just part of the game.  You had to play with what you had as long as you could.  That night, the remains became part of the bonfire and part of a new tradition of saving broken-down, wooden things for the reunion bonfire.  Many stories were shared as they burned. Items have since been saved just for the bonfire.”

Thank you for sharing your very visual story, Suzanne!

All comments left as guesses, may be viewed on the original “what is it?” post. Happy weekend, everyone!

161 croquet set

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