“What is it?” 56 – the answer

We can fool some of you some of the time, but we can’t fool all of you all of the time!

We had plenty of guesses for kitchen choppers, hand blenders and the likes, but we kinda knew that the bright colors of this top would give our puzzle away. That’s OK, we know we had a good puzzle posting when we saw amount of responses that we did this week! To read those, click here and scroll down the original post.

This vintage charmer was picked up at a sale a couple of summers ago. Don’t you just love yard sales? Happy Friday, friends!


“What is it?” Wednesday – #56

This week we have a colorful item to share. We figured that a burst of color was perfect for spring!



OK, friends. Please leave us a comment with your guess, and we will share the link to your guesses and reveal the answer to this week’s “What is it?” puzzle this Friday. Happy guessing!

“What is it?” #55 – the answer

This week, our vintage item is a leather briefcase. My mother gifted my father with this, inked in gold with his initials, and he  proudly carried it when he was in sales. My brother and I couldn’t part with it after our father passed, but since I love all things old and shabby my brother thought I should have it. Does anyone have a creative repurpose idea for it? I would enjoy seeing it displayed in my home. The inside is not leather, and has not weathered the years as nicely as the outside, so perhaps it would benefit from a lining.

To read this week’s guesses, click here and scroll down. Thanks for playing!

daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do

Designer Sharon Miller must have known we are all eager to be gardening. She has created a quick and easy pom-pom flower to share with our readers. Once you get the flower technique down, vary the colors of yarn you use to design black-eyed Susans, or even bachelor buttons!

And, in true Create & Decorate style, we have created a vintage-look tag to accompany the finished daisies. Print the tag out (below) onto cardstock, cut out, and tie it around your bouquet of daisies!

daisy, daisy

designed by Sharon Miller


For product information, see sources below.

Clover Pom-Pom Maker in No. 3124 (1-3/8” and 1-5/8”) and No. 3126 (2-1/2” and 3-3/8”)

Yarn and crochet thread in assorted shades of yellow and white—I used the following:

            Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread in No. 0422 Golden Yellow*

            Lion Brand Yarn Homespun in No 394 Golden

            Peaches & Crème yarn in No. 01612 Sunshine and No. 01005 White

            Red Heart thread* in No. 0316 Soft White and crochet thread in No. 0201 White

            Loops & Threads Charisma yarn in No. 9 Off White**

Hot glue gun and glue, scissors, sewing needle, thread, twigs

*Available through Coats & Clark.

**Available through Michaels.


1. Combine yarns and threads of choice and wind around Pom-Pom Maker as per manufacturer’s instructions. Pack tightly for thicker and fluffier flowers.

2. Cut fibers as per Pom-Pom Maker instructions and secure with matching yarn or crochet thread.

3. Carefully remove pom-pom from Maker, then find center of pom-pom and flatten both sides on a flat surface with palms of hand.

4. Hold flower at center using thumb and forefinger. Briskly brush yarn with fingertips while turning pom-pom; this separates fibers and makes them fluffy.

5. Trim outer edge of flower with scissors or pinking shears.

6. For flower center use a smaller size pom-pom maker and wrap only one side. Cut, tie, flatten, fluff, and trim as instructed for larger flower.

7. Once desired shape is completed, place in center of larger flower and attach with glue gun or stitch center to larger flower with matching thread.

8. Brush center section briskly with fingertips to fluff. Clip center closely to make it look flat, being careful not to cut too close.

9. Trim twigs to desired shape and height.

10. Adhere flowers to twigs with glue gun—be sure to adhere flowers to sturdy section of twigs to prevent flowers from drooping.

11. Print out the tag below to use with your bouquet.

Visit Sharon’s Etsy page to view more of her creativity! (Click here.)

sources for your supplies

Clover Needlecraft, Inc.

(800) 233-1703


Coats & Clark

(800) 648-1479



(800) 642-4235


Peaches & Crème Yarns

(855) 418-1816


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We’re doing a little spring cleaning (our own version of March madness) and are offering a back issue sale! If you are missing an issue in your collection, or would like to have one of the Christmas Ornament specials (which we no longer publish), now is the time to save!

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“What is it?” Wednesday – #55

Although we know we tend to share a lot of kitchen item’s in our “What is it?” posts, this week’s puzzle piece is most definitely NOT from the kitchen. We hope you can get a handle on a good guess to leave for us! Please check back in on Friday for the full picture (and your guesses) to this week’s game.

Hmmmm…. what is it?

We’re in the mood for … gardening!

The temperature has been so amazing lately, and spring arrived way before it was supposed to. In Northern New Jersey, it is unheard of to have the leaves budding and bursting open in March! Of course, we are taking advantage of the weather, and have pulled out the cushions for the outdoor furniture—and even though we know it is too early to plant anything, a gal can dream, can’t she?

Like you, at Create & Decorate magazine, we love all things repurposed, and are always trying to come up with ways to reuse architectural finds—especially in our gardens. This weekend while out browsing, I spotted a small greenhouse constructed of 6 used windows: 4 window panels were used for the walls, and 2 were used for the roof pitch. Perfect for a patio! (Just try and eat my potted flowers through THAT, you pesky deer!) So, of course, I turned to trusty Google for more inspiration.

CalFinder Nationwide Remodelers has a post from 2009 that is well worth clicking over to read “7 outrageous ways to reuse broken windows”. The photography shared below is borrowed from their site so that we may share our excitement over their ideas:

Ooh, yes, please!

Perfect porch greenhouse, and equally cute as a side table!

Be inspired, be sure to read the blog post we mentioned, and seize the spring inspiration!