squash bowl fillers

No end-of-summer blahs will be found on this blog! Designer Terry Loewen is offering up some early autumn inspiration with these sweetly-stitched pillows. Take a look at that photo! Now are you ready for fall? 🙂

Photograph by Terry Loewen

squash bowl stuffers

designed by Terry Loewen


For product information, see sources below.

• Wichelt Imports 28-ct linen in No. 7676 Prairie Grain

• DMC embroidery floss in No. 301, No. 420, No. 435, No. 732, No. 783, No. 830

• Fabric of choice (for backing)

• Embroidery hoop, iron and ironing surface, needle, polyester fiberfill, scissors


Note: Grid size is 130W x 100H. Design area is 8.07” x 6.43” (113 x 90 stitches).

1. Following chart (see image below), stitch designs, leaving enough space between each for seam allowances.

2. When stitching is complete, hand wash in cold water, then squeeze out excess. Lay face down and press dry.

3. Cut fabric backing and, with right sides together, sew, leaving one side open to stuff.

4. Stuff, then whipstitch opening closed.

Optional: Finish with cording, tassels on corners, lace…whatever your little heart desires; I braided strips of homespun and sewed that around owl stuffer.


The DMC Corporation

(973) 589-0606


Wichelt Imports, Inc.



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