“what is it?” Wednesday #145

Welcome back to play our “What is it?” Wednesday game.

Ready to play? Here’s how:

• Take a look at the photo below.

• Please leave your guess (of the identity of the vintage item) as a comment.

• Stop back in on Friday to see the puzzle revealed—and to read the guesses (we don’t post them until the answer is revealed)!

Happy guessing!

what is it 145


65 thoughts on ““what is it?” Wednesday #145

  1. It’s a.pie.or.cake.pan than has a thing in the bottom so that once the cake is baked, you slide it around so the cake will separate from the pan!

  2. It’s a round cake pan with an embossed bottom that helps not only leaves an impression on the finished cake but the embossing helps prevent the cake from sticking., The plain metal piece on the side and bottom of the pan is used to separate the cake from the pan when you move it around the rim. I have a few of these pans and it really helps to get a cake out if you didn’t butter and flour properly!

  3. This looks like the apparatus on a vintage cake pan that allows you to lift the cake out of the pan. It is simply turned and it separates the cake form the pan as it goes around the circumference of the pan. I think I recognize the geometric design on the pan, as I can collect these pretty vintage bakeware pans.

  4. I think this is a old pie pan. The slidey thing helps get your slices up. I remember something like this from my childhood days. It’s sad day indeed when “vintage” comes from your childhood. 😉

  5. An old cake pan with a textured bottom and a sweeper to help loosen the cake from the pan. My mom had some, without the textured bottom, and I loved the job of running the sweeper around.

  6. I received two of these for a shower gift, 49 years ago. Made many two layer birthday cakes for my three boy.Still have them, but they don’t get a lot of use anymore. Cake pan with the thingy that you turn to get the cake loose from the pan.

  7. It’s a cake pan with one of those bands that goes from the centre and up the side. After the cake’s baked, you turn the band to loosen the cake from the pan. I’m sure it has a name but I’ve never known it.

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