jingle jangle joy stockings

Jingle Jangle Jolly Stockings

designed by Terry Loewen

Whether you decide to make a stocking, small pillow, or trim the bottom of a towel, these sweet cross stitch patterns work up quickly and are sure to add a festive touch to your home. Try changing the color scheme to fit your décor!

3 stockings hung with care


Wichelt Imports

27-count Simplicity linen in No. MH18350228 Natural, a 3-1/2″ wide strip

–Mill Hill Beads in No. 10050 and No. 42012

The DMC  Corporation

–Embroidery floss in No. 341, No. 938, No. 948, No. 3032, No. 3777, and No. 3866

–Jewel Effects metallic thread in No. E321

• Mother of pearl buttons (for back of each stocking cuff), three

• Quilting cotton or homespun for stockings and back of ornament

• Handmade or store bought lace

• Muslin

• Embroidery needle, pencil, sewing machine and thread, ribbon, rickrack, scissors, straight pins

Stitches used:  cross stitch, back stitch, Algerian eye stitch, Smyrna cross

jangle jingle

back and joy


1. Create pattern for stocking (freehand or trace a stocking) 12″ from top of stocking to heel. Onto wrong side of fabric chosen for stocking, cut out and trace pattern.  Sew on line, leaving stocking top open.  Cut out, leaving 1/4” seam, and turn right side out.

2. Repeat for muslin insert but do not turn right side out. Place inside stocking and turn edges of both in. Sew together with hidden stitch.

stocking cuff

1. The band you will be stitching on is practically a ready made cuff; it is 3-1/2” wide so, you won’t need to turn any edges under. You need 3” of linen on either side of each design.

2. Using one strand throughout, stitch design. Referring to color photo, apply beads.

3. Attach lace to bottom of cuff using No. 3866 floss.

4. Wrap and pin cuff around top of stocking. Using No. 3032 with very fine stitches, sew cuff to stocking along top. Overlap ends slightly and sew three buttons to back. Sew a ribbon loop on one corner for hanging.


(When cross stitch chart is printed, it will be in several pieces; the center of the cross stitch grid is highlighted in blue so you can easily tape it together.)

jingle color key

jolly pillow


Wichelt Imports


The DMC Corporation



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