Did somebody say “Giveaway?”

The sweet cookie cutter garden stakes (shown below, and featured in the March/April 2014 issue of Create & Decorate) are so much fun to make, that Diamond Tech has offered us some product for a giveaway! How about a pair of Jennifer’s Mosaics Wheeled Glass Nippers and a 20 oz. Variety Tumbled Glass? Yes, please! At a value of over $34.00, the lucky winner will have beautiful garden stakes completed in plenty of time for spring planting.

To enter, leave us a “pick me!” comment.

Good luck! The lucky winner will be announced Monday March, 10.

(Feel free to share with your friends!)

Check out the many fun products Diamond Tech has to offer here! And, for more ideas, fun, and giveaways, go like them on their Facebook page, too!


Picture 1


•Diamond Tech

—Tumbled Glass

—Jennifer’s Mosaics Outdoor Cement

—Jennifer’s Mosaics Wheeled Tile Nipper (optional)

• Open-bottom flower-shaped cookie cutters (approximately 3”)

• Delphi Glass No. 30386 plant stakes

• Aluminum foil, contact paper, measuring cup and tablespoon, newspaper, petroleum jelly or cooking spray, pen, plastic bowl and mixing spoon, scissors, soft cloth, tape, Liquid Nails ­Silicone Adhesive, water


Note: Stones can also be used as paperweights at home, in the office, or even to prevent napkins from blowing away at picnics. Simply do not add stakes to backs of stones.

1. Cover work area with newspaper.

2. Collect all supplies needed for project and place on work surface.

3. Place each cookie cutter on a piece of contact paper and trace around inside of the cutter. Cut out pattern.

4. Remove backing paper from contact paper and secure it to work surface with a piece of tape.

5. Place glass pieces on contact paper, smooth-side down. Fit pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle, leaving 1/8” between each piece. If you wish, use Wheeled Nipper to shape glass to fit pieces inside contact paper (referring to color photo if necessary).

6. Once you are happy with the design, press firmly on glass to secure it to contact paper. Remove tape from contact paper.

7. Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly on walls of inside of each cookie cutter.

8. Place a 4” square of aluminum foil on work surface and top with contact paper, glass, and cookie cutter. Pinch-crimp aluminum foil around base of cookie cutter to create a secure seal (Fig. 1).

Picture 3

9. Mix 1/2 cup Outdoor Cement (per 3” cookie cutter) with approximately 2-1/2 ounces of water in bowl. If mix seems dry, add more water, one tablespoon at a time, until you have a smooth and pourable consistency, similar to cake batter. (To make the three garden stakes for this project, we used 1-1/2 cups of cement and approximately 4 ounces of water.)

10. Pour cement into each mold until it is about half full. Lightly tap sides of cutters to remove air bubbles (Fig. 2).

Picture 4

11. Allow to cure overnight, then remove from mold (Fig. 3).

Picture 5

12. Use soft cloth to buff glass to a clean shine. Place pieces on folded paper and allow 48 hours for stone to cure.

13. When cured, use Silicone Adhesive to apply each plant stake to back of each stone. •


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