“What is it?” Wednesday – #11

Hello friends. Yup, it’s time for our weekly puzzle! Noelle and I get such a kick out of your comments. Thank you for taking the time to participate in these silly, fun puzzles as well as following our (more substantial) posts of projects and products.

Well, what is it? Noelle confirms my belief in that it doesn’t matter how I crop the photo—you guys will figure it out anyway!

Please leave a comment with your guess and check back again with us this Friday for the answer, and your guesses!

23 thoughts on ““What is it?” Wednesday – #11

  1. I believe it’s a juicer for lemons and oranges. I look forward to this feature on Wednesday…..keep it going.

  2. You got me!!! I haven’t a clue, but it looks like it would REALLY hurt!!! 🙂
    Have a super rest of the week! Can’t wait to find out what this is!!

  3. When I was a child, my mother used to make orange/lemonade with one of these hand juicers. Not sure the exact name for it, but I still have it.

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