Ten Great Fall Towns

We all know this is the prettiest time of year (my apologies if you happen to disagree). I’ve always wanted to hop in my car and take a trip up the east coast to see all the fall colors. As it turns out, I was being very single-minded; the east is not the only place you can get your fill of fabulous fall foliage. Here are ten places to see some reds, golds, yellows, oranges…uh, you get the point:


Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Sedona, Arizona

Stockholm, Wisconsin

Woodstock, Vermont

Jasper, Arkansas

Hood River, Oregon

Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Fayetteville, West Virginia

Munising, Michigan

Julian, California


These places don’t just feature an eye-full of prettiness; they have shopping, good eats, and old world charm. To read more, click here.


Have any of you ever been to any of these places, or are you lucky enough to live there? Please share in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Ten Great Fall Towns

  1. I am blessed to live in New England, and yes, Woodstock, Vermont, is indeed beautiful. One nearby site to visit that I love (but haven’t been to for many years) is Billings Farm. A wonderful trip with kids.

    I would also suggest Meredith and Sugar Hill, both in New Hampshire, be added to your list!

    Wanted to thank you for your great magazine. We go to visit our daughter and family in Nevada about once a year. The past 2 years she has had the newest copy of your magazine awaiting me as a little welcome gift. It’s wonderful reading and inspiration!

  2. I live in CT but this past weekend we had a very nice summer-like 2 days so we rode our motorcycles up to Mt. Snow, Vermont area. After the terrible storm Irene and all the damage, they amazingly got the roads passable and there was leaf peepers out. As much as I hate traffic, I was glad to see the people out and visiting our great New England! The leaves are not as great this year as they have been in the past, probably because of our strange weather this year, still beautiful though.

  3. Every season has it’s own unique wonders, but autumn seems (to me) to be full of them. The energy that the crisp air brings, the smell of spices associated with the season, the taste of harvest foods – especially pumpkin, squash, and maple-flavored ones (yummy)! Wood burning fire places and cozy thoughts of staying warm. The sounds of birds migrating and the calls of crows seem to get louder and more frequent. And of course the changing of colors. Creativity abounds! …And it doesn’t hurt that my favorite holiday (Halloween) is played out at the same time. I’ve visited a few of these areas as the colors were changing and it was visually glorious!

  4. I’m from Arkansas and have to admit we do have some glorious colors some years. This year in my part of the state (western Ouachita Mountains) we have had such drought conditions that the colors are not good, but Jasper area should have some good color. I love Jasper, and there’s so much to see and do in that area. Thanks for listing our state…

  5. Having been born and raised in the lower part of the lower peninsula of Michigan, we have been blessed to see fall in all its stages within just a short drive each and every year. The stages get prettier with each few miles north that you drive. It has never changed, seems to get prettier each time you look and indeed, you are correct, it is not the only place. One only needs to get in the car and go wherever they can to experience it in their own surroundings, yours for the looking. Jan in TN

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